Substances and supplies for bags

ModeOf course, with exceptional ease of styles bags business should look elegant, how a substance with which you are made, want be of much big quality, and certainly not worth saving on a cost.The best variant - comfortably-tanned calfskin, quite thick and is durable, but at a same time mild and of plastic material. Patent leather bag or handbag of crocodile skin be great, too. Suede bag is not too practical, so it's good to pick a bag of high capacity synthetic leather trimmed with suede.By a way, bags done of imitation leather may be used if they are satisfied enough with skill and have a respectable look, visually practically no varied from genuine skin.These bags is better not to wear in winter season, how imitation skin does not tolerate temperature changes, frightened of frost, and a lovely bag may be covered with cracks. But in the source, summer and autumn fashionable and elegant leatherette bag is quite suitable for the elegant woman.What should be the figgery of bags? First of all, you must avoid excessive brightness and molestation: varied chains, zaklepochek, multiple zippers and shiny buckles. Correctly, if the hardware on a bag of brownness, black, etc.Absolutely not suitable for a business lady model - gentle, without a clear form of bags with zipper fragile and unstable bottom. For example, a bag of mild leather, a contracting delicate lace top, views more like a bag than a indispensable accessory business lady.Collected and tucked into a metal frame semi-circular bag purse with a clasp in a shape of shiny balls, too, is not suitable for the office or for a business meeting in a variant environment. Читать полностью -->

Mode Jeans Winter time 2009 - 2011: acidizing

StyleA collections of the new time of many famous designers presented denim with acid medication. Recall that they came into vogue a some seasons ago.A most pop presently is a acid treatment is darkness gray and dark jeans. This allows you to make an abstract pattern that consists of a combination of contrasting dark and whiteness stripes and spots. These jeans are advised to wear blazers, jackets and ornamentals. All of this should be kept in a monochromatic palette of white, black and gray.  Similar posts:Fashion Summer fashion. Gallery of gerls's work clothes for soft weatherVogue Summer Style: JewelryFashion Autumn mode: triumphal march jersey. Читать полностью -->

Vogue 2010 color palette: style watches gerls's watches 2012

FashionIn the vogue in this time is rapidly broke watches made in 2 colors. Most style stylists and enterprises get presented their collections in just such a two-blossom items.A harmony of 2 colors allows 2 ways to perceive a model, production it more versatile and suitable for all situations. These clocks will be relevant and at work, combining right with costumes, and in his spare time devoted to rest, when the style of wear can be more unassuming. The general thing is that the colors are right blended together.In a 2013 period the trend is considered to be highly relevant combination of black with gold. A lot of mode houses are widely used in the collection is a range of colors.Design Moschino developers believe that this winter is most relevant and will be a combination of spicy dark stone and gilded steel. These hours can get a big impact on a image so a whole, adding rigor to it and at the same time bringing a tinge of warmth and joie de vivre.The house Moschino completed his collection of watches is in a range of colors, making a twenty-5 varied models of quartz watches. Читать полностью -->

New Trendy manicure 2013

FashionNew Year's manicure no less momentous option than a New Year's makeup, because a woman's hands always attract attention, and so need to look well-groomed and fashionable. Specifically during a holidays.Stylists propose us several current trends for the festive manicure, 2012.  Similar posts:Style Fall Mode 2013: Mode handbags, sunglasses, belts, jewelryVogue Fall Vogue: Actual colors of a periodStyle Fashion of fashionable hats. . . . . Читать полностью -->


VogueThis spring, a trend remains in a variety of ornamentals for the job. Short-key elegant jewelry - nice for a modest stringent girls. Romantic personages who prefer a ease and elevation of style, will certainly appreciate a white or solid color scarf thin scarf, tied in addition to the costume.Take the fashion - and a job will not be ladies more chic than you!   Similar articles:Mode The most fashionable autumn jackets (4 galleries)Mode Women's Shoes Spring Time: fashion trendsFashion Ideas summer clothes for full figure gerls. . . . Читать полностью -->

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