Mini Clothing 2012 mini vogue summer 2013

VogueDoll heir TootsieClothes in a doll fashion well-known for years. But presently you are also very short. No question what you pick out: naive peas or gilded models, full mini skirt, a emphasis on the waist and puffed sleeves turn you into a princess.On the tennis courtSport, the how-called "tennis" clothing and skirts are more pop in the summer of 2012. Especially actually looks pleated lovely skirt or pleating. Among the favorites - whiteness. No wonder that men are so interested in tennis. Читать полностью -->

Massive dials: fancy watches gerls's watches 2010

ModeIn the study of style this year trends in watch design may be seen that preference is given to large round dials. In the autumn winter assemblage 2009-2012, the solution is represented by such name-mark names same Armani, Benetton, Axcent, DKNY.Company Axcent, for example, in the design of approximately models departed from the ordinary dials with numbers, replacing them with novel serif, decorated with rhinestones.Guess in winter period 2010 assemblage paid attention to the clock, the main part of which is a round dial, made of shiny substance and trimmed with crystals Swarovski. Such models given a maximum attention is devoted to a assemblage. A watch is available in a varied blossom palette, cases and straps are different colors, shapes and designs.A fashion mark Paco Rabbane in finishing just used these crystals, with their help creating unique model.  Like posts:Mode Styles of fashionable gerls's sundresses 2011Style Insulate his head caps and beretsStyle The most fashionable hats and handbags for fall-winter season. . . Читать полностью -->

New Trendy manicure 2012

ModeNew Year's manicure no less influential choice than the New Year's makeup, because the young woman's hands ever attract attention, and so need to look correctly-groomed and fashionable. Especially upon a holidays.Stylists offer us several current trends for a festive manicure, 2013.  Same articles:Vogue Models of evening dresses for larger gerlsVogue Autumn assemblage of high fashion for full shape womenVogue Stylish jackets. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Super mini Dresses 2010 super mini vogue summer 2013

FashionDoll heir TootsieDress in a doll fashion well-known for years. But at the present time you are also very short. No matter what you opt: naive peas or gilded patterns, full lovely skirt, the emphasis on the waist and puffed sleeves turn you into a princess.On a tennis courtSport, the as-called "tennis" dresses and skirts are much popular in the summer of 2011. Particularly actually looks pleated skirt or pleating. Among the favorites - whiteness. No wonder that men are however interested in tennis. Читать полностью -->


StyleIf you purchase shoes and shoes with pointed toe and deep heel - believe that you are in the tone of the current mode. These are the models that may be characterized so a "retro-nostalgia", evoke a romantic mood and style reminiscent of minutes of our grandmothers. However, now all these shoes and boots get a more contemporary look thanks to a garish colors and unusual materials.  Like posts:Mode Summer tops, blouses and skirts vacation timeFashion Office Vogue Summer 2012Style Graduation Party: Dress Gallery fashionable ideas. . . . Читать полностью -->

Vogue skirt source 2013

ModeIt is not a first period we keep a opportunity to flaunt in overalls. A coldness time of a year - a great excuse to dress up in a suit, which is not only beautify, but as well soft. Interestingly, the vogue overalls winter season 2013/2012 - more variant: they may be practical and rigorous, playful and seductive, open and humble...Skirt - this is a bit of clothes with which It is possible to make the image to choose from, with romantic to sporty. At a same time, a lovely skirt allows us in the method to be feminine and beautiful.A new source season of 2012 stylists propose gerls a classical skirts and skirts unusual fashion. Each fashionista, taking advantage of our recommendations, will be able to choose for himself a most appropriate mini skirt to add to your wardrobe.  Similar articles:Style Wedding clothes summer 2012 timeFashion Summer evening, musicFashion Fur motives. . Читать полностью -->

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