New Trendy manicure 2012

ModeNew Year's manicure no less momentous selection than a New Year's makeup, because a woman's hands ever attract efforts, and therefore wish to be rightly-groomed and fashionable. Particularly during the holidays.Stylists offer us several current trends for a festive manicure, 2013.  Alike articles:Fashion Lightweight trench coats summer 2013 timeVogue Fashionable gerls's footwear and accessoriesFashion Maxi. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Substances and supplies for bags

ModeOf course, with exceptional ease of fashion bags business need look elegant, as a material from which they are made, want be of much high property, and certainly not worth saving on the cost.The best variant - right-tanned calfskin, quite thick and is durable, but at the same time soft and of plastic material. Patent skin bag or handbag of crocodile face look lovely, too. Suede bag is not too practical, so it's good to choose a bag of high quality synthetic skin trimmed with suede.By a technique, bags done of imitation skin can be used if you are satisfied enough with skill and get a respectable appearance, visually practically no various from genuine leather.These bags is better not to wear in winter period, so imitation leather does not tolerate temperature changes, frightened of frost, and a lovely bag may be covered with cracks. But in a spring, summer and autumn fashionable and elegant leatherette bag is quite suitable for a elegant woman.What should be a jewelry of bags? First of all, you must avoid excessive brightness and molestation: variant chains, zaklepochek, multiple zippers and shiny buckles. Properly, if a hardware on a bag of browned, black, etc.Absolutely not suitable for a business girl model - soft, without a clear shape of bags with zipper fragile and unstable bottom. For example, a bag of mild leather, a contracting lace top, looks more like a bag than a necessary accessory business dame.Collected and tucked into a metal frame semi-circular bag purse with a clasp in a configuration of bright balls, too, is not suitable for the job or for a business meeting in a variant environment. Читать полностью -->

Great clutches mode handbags Fall 2011

VogueClutch bags as a form of fashionable gerls get long been appreciated. Small exquisite bags, more same purses, which may be put alone the most necessary, most ofttimes used in a creation of elegant image. But this period, at the peak of popularity - big clutches that resemble great envelopes. You are suitable for business fashion. Particularly impressive look lacquered crocodile skin clutch. Elegant clutches rarely decorate anything more than a big buckle. Читать полностью -->

Terms of home furnishing for the modern woman

StyleIt is possible to speak at length approximately what a house is for the contemporary young girl - hearth and home or just a put where you can spend the night and go back to the conquest of the world, but striving to upgrading the young girl not to put away. Presently we are visiting Thais Ivanova in Noginsk. Taisa loves skiing and scuba diving, but can not stand to make, but the arrangement of a own home, of course, she was engaged.His story about buying a new room in the cabinet Taisa Ivanov with Noginsk begins: "I was just looking on a internet, went to a sites. I came to a conclusion that the most appropriate selection of price / grade will be a company "Ronikon."I was looking for a new home owner of two closets: one for garments, a other - for a normal. Alone in a hallway, and the other - in the hallway. Very comfortable niche allow a cabinet to stand rightly at a entrance to a bedroom, like a glove, and make apartment in a bedroom for other furniture."When was momentous for me, however that I could see all a details, all a options, then she has to add approximately details and stuff" - she continues.Next Taisa and her husband went to one of a stores, salons of a company, where they checked my eyes and saw a furniture, and ordered all the like on a internet. Читать полностью -->

Massive dials: fancy watches women's watches 2012

VogueIn the study of mode this year trends in watch design may be seen that preference is given to great round dials. In a autumn winter season assemblage 2009-2011, a decision is represented by such name-mark names like Armani, Benetton, Axcent, DKNY.Company Axcent, for example, in the design of any models departed from the ordinary dials with numbers, replacing them with ingenious serif, decorated with rhinestones.Guess in winter season 2011 assemblage paid efforts to a clock, a chief part of which is a round dial, done of bright substance and trimmed with crystals Swarovski. Such models given the maximum efforts is devoted to a collection. A watch is affordable in a variant color palette, cases and straps are various colors, shapes and designs.The fashion mark Paco Rabbane in finishing just used that crystals, with their help creating unique model.  Similar posts:Mode Mode trends of spring: source jacketsVogue Ideas summer clothes for full form gerlsVogue Summer fashion: Holidays: Ideas compatibility summer female and male wardrobe. . . Читать полностью -->

Sable and White: New Year's Clothes 2012

StyleWhite and sable, together and separately, are more relevant in this season. Choose with sable mini bright satin or white maxi air of chiffon. Style hit - a black-and-whiteness patterns: flowers, stripes, geometry and abstraction.Ingenious be and animal print in black and white. Note that beastly theme - a tendency of a time. Black gloves, black studs and sable boa will be useful to you when you create an image of a New Year. This is a win-win item.  Resembling posts:Style Fashionable coat for the offseasonMode A girl in a aquarium: bright summer vogue trends 2008Mode Crumpet. Читать полностью -->

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